(since 1989)

Gravito, is an effort of elements series, which has already become a synonym to success in the sector of laminates & designer surfaces. Established in 1989, Gravito started as a family business. Gravito offers the best of the designer surfaces & high pressure decorative laminates. They are best suitable for Homes, Offices, Shopping Centers, and other areas. It has been setup at Mumbai, which has changed the face of the city with state-of-the-art designer surfaces . Before it reaches the customers, the sheets are supervised carefully from process to finishing level in order to meet international standards of quality.

The venture was the vision of our team, which started with retail shop and has since been catapulted to a whole new level with the advent of elements as a series of laminates and Gravito as a brand. With the help of innovative research team and industrial professionals along with technical expertise, they produce long lasting and durable products with best quality . Innovative designs, colors and creative textures shape the whole product into a piece of art.

The brand was developed to uplift the persona held by laminate houses as a whole. The formation of new designs, transformation of lights into designer accessories followed with a clutter breaking innovation has been achieved, since this revolution. The brand goes a notch higher than expected, to familiaris the use of accessories not just as a want, but more as a need.

Chairman's Desk

We started small, but are huge now.

We started from our retail showroom itself as a small publication, with virtually no subcription network. In a short span of few years we have reached every nook and corner of the cities of India. It is a matter of immense pride that we will be soon rolling out an international edition, to take our brand to the global level.

For the same achievments, I would like to congrulate my team and also thank the readers for their tremendous response . I am sure as we go on, we will be supported always. We did smart small. But we are going to be huge as well.....

We have yet many miles to go and many promises to keep. our mission is to bring you the worlds finest, and our promise is to deliver you constantly.

- Chairman

Gravito ?

The Gravity is the first thing which you don't think. - Albert Einstein

We know there is gravity because apples fall from trees.

If we could throw an apple to the edge of the universe, we would observe it accelerating.

They say Einstein died while he was still trying to figure out gravity.

We are so down to earth, we are bringing gravity back,

Yes here we are with most amazing edition of laminates with the brand as “Gravito”.